What is the Dragon Box?

The Dragon Box is a smart TV box that streams HD with no monthly FEES or contracts. It is equivalent to a mini PC in which you can access public apps to stream movies, TV shows, live sports, boxing and UFC events, live streams of your favorite TV channels, and 3D movies all in HD. The movie selection is unlimited. You do not need cable TV for the box to work. All you need is an internet connection and HDTV.

What Are the Dragon Box Requirements?

• High Speed Internet 30MBs or Faster
• Wired (ethernet) or Secured Wi-Fi Router (password protected wi-fi)

Is The Dragon Box Legal?

The FCC defines streaming as "public Domain" and the content only becomes illegal if you download it. The Box's System does not automatically download any content, everything is streamed on Demand. Copyright law currently describes copyright infringement as reproduction and distribution of intellectual property. Downloading intellectual property is illegal. This box is intended to stream, not to download, which makes this box and product legal according to the current streaming laws defined by the FCC. No content will be downloaded unless the user is technically inclined and they choose the option to download. In other words, no content will be downloaded by default, that is something the user must choose to do. While some applications provide the option to download certain content, we highly recommend you do not download content. Downloading any Content from the box may be illegal and if you choose to do so, you do so at your own risk.

What Will I Get When I Buy A Dragon Box?

The Dragon Box will allow you access to over 3,800 streaming apps. You get access to tons of tons of Cartoons and kids content, Movies on Demand (any movie), movies still in the theater, 3D movies, All Major Sporting Events Programming, TV Shows (live and on demand) from Season 1 through present. Adult Content, Music, News, and Thousands of other channels and programming. These are mostly in HD Quality.

Why is the Dragon Box Better than Other Streaming Media Players?

With Dragon Box, there is no downtime or reprogramming like satellite or Apple TV. No more pop ups, malware, or viruses from streaming or illegally downloading from torrent websites. Remember, our device doesn't download, copy or distribute any content. It taps into content that is already existing on the internet and allows you to watch it through your TV. So the box is really no different that an iPad, Apple TV, Laptop or any other streaming media device available. Watch whatever you want, whenever you want with no hidden fees.

How Do I Set Up a Dragon Box?

You do NOT NEED CABLE TV for the Box to work. All you need is an internet connection and a HDTV.

1.Plug in the power.

2.Connect the High Speed HDMI cable that came with your box into your HDTV.

3.You Will Run through a short welcome and setup process. You will either connect with Ethernet or Wi-fi. To Connect your Wi-Fi, you will see your network during the set up process. Just choose your network and select enter, then a keyboard will pop up to enter your WiFi password.

Is the Dragon Box a Fad?

We don't see how this will ever stop working unless you don't pay your internet bill. This is not like the old scramblers or satellite cards. It’s a new generation of digital media. The only reason you would EVER replace your box is if your hardware is outdated and you want a brand new box with newer electronics.


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