Can I Really Save More Than $1,500/yr with a Dragon Box?

Dragon Box Streaming Media Player

We think you'll probably save even more than $1,500/year! Check out the conservative estimate below on typical household entertainment spending:


Cable TV Bill ($100/month x 12 months) $1,200.00
Movies on demand 5.99 per movie for HD (2 movies/month) $11.98
Netflix 11.00 x 12 = $132/yr (Standard - $10.99/month x 12 months) $131.88
Amazon Prime Membership ($99.00/year) $99.00
Hulu ($7 x 12 = $84/yr) $84.00
NFL Package ($44.99/6 months x 2) $89.98
MLB Package (annual cost) $149.99
NBA Package (annual cost) $149.00
NHL Package (annual cost) $149.00
UFC or Boxing PPV ($59/event x 3 annual events) $177.00
Movie Ticket in theatre ($8.61 x 4 family members x 5 movies/yr) $172.20
Total Annual Cost $2,413.04
Total Monthly Cost $201.08

Of course your costs may vary with the above chart, but you can easily see how these viewing options can add up. Bottom Line: You'll get all of the above programming for FREE with your one-time Dragon Box purchase. In most cases, your Dragon Box will pay for itself in less than 3 months!

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