Here's a sample of comments from our customers. They're all saving tons of money and enjoying all the Dragon Box programming that's at their fingertips!

The Dragon Box is the real deal! I'm getting the latest movies, tv shows and sports events. I also added a cheap Area 51 membership ($30/year) to receive the same live tv channels my cable company offered with a built-in tv guide. I'm saving more than $125/month!

John L
Mercerville, New Jersey

Ironically we've kept cable due to having for TVs and the house, but the Dragon Box has given us access to movies, pay-per-view, premium channels that we didn't have before it's well worth the money and I will be telling all of my friends.

Roberto S.
Reading, Pennsylvania

We cancelled our DirecTV bill after having the Dragon Box for one week this is an amazing product. it's worth every penny we received our Box 2 days after placing our order. Bobby was great to work with and answered any questions that we might have had we will be ordering another box soon.

Adam H.
Sherills Ford, North Carolina

I was skeptical about the Dragon Box but decided to give it a chance. It was a gamble but I won. I'll never have to buy another DVD or rent another movie ever again. There are literally thousands of movies to choose from. You can even use the search option to browse movies from 20 or 30 years ago. After using it for one week I told Bob that I would have paid double for it. That's how great it is I strongly recommend it.

Patrick C.
New York City, New York

Words can't describe how I feel about this box so I will try my best. The sports packages are great, the 4K content is great, there is no need for Netflix or any other cable company. And the best part I'm only paying $0 a month for my cable. Beat your own surgeon and cut the umbilical cord that attaches you to FiOS or Comcast. Put these monopolies in their place.

Bobby C.
Sewell, New Jersey

The Dragon Box is worth every dime I have spent. I can watch all baseball games, not just the local ones. I don't have to dish out any money to rent a movie. The NFL package alone is worth the price of the box. The customer support on Facebook is fantastic. If you have children or grandchildren the box is great for them as well simply for the amount of cartoons it provides. It's a win-win situation, I'm so glad I bought the Dragon Box and I will never look back.

David H.

I love my Dragon Box. The 4K content is sick. My kids love that they can watch all of their favorite movies on demand without the price of renting. A few weeks ago I introduced my boys to the movie Major League on a rainy day, and they loved it. The Dragon Box is legit.

Derek O.
Amherst, New Hampshire

The Dragon Box is the best thing I've ever purchased, this thing is amazing.

Frank R.

After receiving my dragon box in the mail, I wondered why I procrastinated for so long. It's a total overload of movies, music, Sports, and TV shows. And if you have children they will love the amount of cartoons on this thing. All I can say is wow, F the fire stick! Bobby even told me that you can convert it into a Super Nintendo or Nintendo gaming system. What an amazing way to be able to bring me back to my childhood, thank you for bringing me into the year 2017.

Bobby H.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

My son loves it. He’s able to watch any sports pay-per-view event for free. It has just about any movie, cable series, music concerts, or TV shows you can think of. It also gets all of the sports teams games.

Rick L.
Hamilton, New Jersey

“This is one of those products that seems too good to be true after reading its description - except it’s not! Can’t beat the sports programming - HD and access to any game you can think of. Never buying a PPV UFC fight again - just watched one in HD for free!”

Michael S.
New Hope, PA

“Everything about this box is awesome. I especially love watching all of the television shows I grew up on in the 80s and 90s - every single episode! And for kids you can’t beat this - all the new tv shows and movies. Sure beats buying or “renting” on demand - my 4 year old loves it!”

Megan L.
Solebury, PA


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